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Bravely Default II: a crystal clear JRPG

On February 26th the latest addition to the Bravely series by Square Enix was released for Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite. Despite the title, it is not actually a sequel to the previous ones but a standalone game. Packing a story with new characters and familiar mechanics. So don’t hesitate to pick up Bravely […]

Sea of Stars Review – Passion Before Trends

As a platform for funding indie gaming projects, Kickstarter has brought us many noteworthy titles. Chained Echoes, and Eijuden Chronicle, with its prequel Eijuden Chronicle: Rising, are only some of the most recent ones. Sea of Stars now joins the pantheon of these success stories. Developed by Quebec-based Sabotage Studio, Sea of Stars began development […]

Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection (PC Review)

After the release of the Mega Man X Legacy Collection and Zero Collection, we Battle Network fans were very eagerly awaiting the hopeful release of the Mega Man Battle Network Collection. And let me be the first to tell you, Capcom did not disappoint. At the time of writing this review, Mega Man Battle Network […]