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My lockdown in co-op: testing the best co-op games

If you’re reading this you’re likely a geek as well, and have really enjoyed certain aspects of the lockdown life. Mainly the absence of social obligations and no longer having to come up with excuses. Because let’s be honest: you’d rather stay home and play games! (which is never an acceptable reason according to my […]

GhostWire: Tokyo Review – Rescuing spirits in haunted Tokyo

I’m an absolute sucker for Bethesda games. Be it Arkane’s immersive sims like Prey and Deathloop, Doom, Wolfenstein, or even Bethesda’s own classics, I always seem to have an amazing time when playing through these games. There’s something about the narrative, the world-building, the feeling of awe Bethesda games give you that you can’t quite […]