Author: Dwergberg

The Ascent Review – Ups And Downs

The Ascent review took a while to finish. Not because I had trouble getting through the game, but I was given the opportunity to test the Tales of Arise demo shortly after The Ascent was released.On top of that I was already taking longer to start writing, simply because I fell in love the first […]

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Fallout Worlds – Fallout 76 September update

Bethesda Game Studios revealed what their next season of Fallout 76 will be all about, Fallout Worlds. After private worlds for Fallout 1st members, Bethesda is ready to expand on the options you have for your private world. Hence, the name Fallout Worlds. TLDR; What does Fallout Worlds entail? Basically, you will get a new […]

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Steelseries Prime+: The mouse I never knew I wanted.

The Steelseries Prime+ is the latest addition to Steelseries new line of computer mice. It’s goal is to become the new best esports mouse the world has ever seen.If you are looking to play some competitive fps games like Siege or Counterstrike, the Steelseries Prime+ has everything covered. Sometimes less is more Steelseries is serious […]

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