Author: Roy Huybrecht

Park Beyond: gravity defying impossified rides

The nice folks over at Bandai Namco contacted us a few weeks ago. An alluring sit-down was on the table, allowing us to get the sneak peek on a brand-new project that their new partner would be unveiling. Of course, we said yes. If I had known we’d be discussing topics such as ‘impossification’ of […]

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AMD launches 3rd generation EPYC server processors

AMD launched their 3rd generation EPYC processors based on the Zen 3 architecture during a virtual event on the 15th of March. Impressive performance compared to the competition The processors codenamed “Milan” are reportedly delivering up to 19% IPC increase over the previous generation EPYC processors. According to AMD, the 32 core EPYC 75F3 outperforms […]

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