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Park Beyond: gravity defying impossified rides

The nice folks over at Bandai Namco contacted us a few weeks ago. An alluring sit-down was on the table, allowing us to get the sneak peek on a brand-new project that their new partner would be unveiling. Of course, we said yes. If I had known we’d be discussing topics such as ‘impossification’ of […]

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Fallout Worlds – Fallout 76 September update

Bethesda Game Studios revealed what their next season of Fallout 76 will be all about, Fallout Worlds. After private worlds for Fallout 1st members, Bethesda is ready to expand on the options you have for your private world. Hence, the name Fallout Worlds. TLDR; What does Fallout Worlds entail? Basically, you will get a new […]

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Netflix Geeked Week 2021: a summary

From the 7th until 11th June Netflix held an online free event called Geeked Week. It was their first time hosting this event and we at least hope this will become a yearly tradition. The event is first and foremost targeted at the fans and wants to celebrate “geeky” entertainment. During the event Netflix also […]

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