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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla- Dawn of Ragnarök Review: Trying on Odin’s armor

The beloved Assassin’s Creed game series is back with us through its latest addition, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. This time around, Ubisoft chooses to spoil us with the third expansion of the title, Dawn of Ragnarök. After a trip to Ireland through the Wrath of the Druids and another one to France with The Siege of […]

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Chocobo GP Review: is there room for this sequel?

Chocobo GP by Square Enix has arrived on the Nintendo Switch, with both a Lite and Full version to choose between. It’s a karting experience with beloved characters from the Chocobo and Final Fantasy series. With a plethora of different game modes to decide from, the most notable is the Chocobo GP mode. But the […]

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Triangle Strategy review: slow but steady

Writing the Triangle Strategy review took a lot of time and patience from me. While it’s a good classic strategy RPG, it suffers from slow pacing and some wonky A.I. at times. Triangle Strategy is also competing with some S-tier games in the genre like Fire Emblem: Three Houses, the Disgaea series and Final Fantasy […]

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