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Park Beyond: gravity defying impossified rides

The nice folks over at Bandai Namco contacted us a few weeks ago. An alluring sit-down was on the table, allowing us to get the sneak peek on a brand-new project that their new partner would be unveiling. Of course, we said yes. If I had known we’d be discussing topics such as ‘impossification’ of […]

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The Ascent Review – Ups And Downs

The Ascent review took a while to finish. Not because I had trouble getting through the game, but I was given the opportunity to test the Tales of Arise demo shortly after The Ascent was released.On top of that I was already taking longer to start writing, simply because I fell in love the first […]

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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD review

Remakes and Remasters are still gaining popularity and someone at Nintendo must have noticed as well. We’re looking forward to the Metroid Prime Trilogy, Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Pearl, and many more in the near future. One franchise that could not be left behind is of course The Legend of Zelda. On July 16th Skyward […]

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