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Netflix Geeked Week 2021: a summary

From the 7th until 11th June Netflix held an online free event called Geeked Week. It was their first time hosting this event and we at least hope this will become a yearly tradition. The event is first and foremost targeted at the fans and wants to celebrate “geeky” entertainment. During the event Netflix also […]

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E3 2021 : the ultimate BGeek wishlist

E3 2021 is just around the corner, starting on June 12th. The yearly Electronic Entertainment Experience will take place online over the course of four days. Many of our favorite publishers and distributors will be participating, but we know little about what they will be presenting exactly. The B-Geek team has collaborated on the below […]

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Mangaka Ody: The tale of a Greek manga artist

Japanese culture in Greece is… severely underrated. Despite the fact that anime and manga have managed to become a hot topic in geeky culture internationally, especially in recent years, Greece finds itself lagging somewhat behind. Anime and manga are not taboo by any means, however. There’s a very active community with over 32 thousand members […]

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