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PlayStation Exclusives Giveaway Winners

Last week, we partnered up with PlayStation Greece in order to offer four lucky winners a chance at winning a copy of either Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Collection or Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut, two of the most prestigious PlayStation Exclusives released in the past year! We would like to thank PlayStation Greece for providing […]

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Heavys: a true love letter to metalheads!

Having got a little excited about this piece, the Heavys are a pair of headphones that I look forward to having my hands on. As the company itself describes, the headphones are strictly intended for listening to Metal. The company’s goal is to turn “simple” listening into a more immersive experience, to make the emotions […]

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PlayStation 5 Birthday Giveaway Winner

Last year when we started the BGeek project, we gave away a PlayStation 5 to a lucky winner from Italy. This month, it was our 1 year anniversary and we wanted to celebrate with another PlayStation 5 giveaway. The giveaway was active both on and Greek Gaming Universe. The procedure was: Picking a winner […]

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