Elgato Wave Panels – I wish I could install them everywhere

Once again, Elgato, who sent us the Stream Deck, sent us six of their new Elgato Wave Panels.

Wave Panels are similar with those foams that you see on the walls of various streamers or even better at music studios. The difference, however, is that these are not just these classic foams of the market.


The Wave Panels box is a brown hexagonal box. The shape of it is the same as the panels themselves.

What do we find in this hexagonal box?

  • 6 x Wave Panels (3 x design A, 3 x design B)
  • 6 x EasyClick Frames
  • 10 x EasyClick Connectors
  • 12 x screws and anchors
  • 12 x Tesa® adhesive strips
  • Quick start guide


The panels are hexagonal, and each package contains six of them. They come in two different designs A and B but, both have the same dimensions, 491 x 426 x 47 mm. The only difference is the design on them.

Its size is much larger than the classic panels. Personally, I prefer it, because with just three panels I managed to cover the same wall surface that I needed six of the classic square panels.

Better sound, but also a beautiful wall

The panels are made of two different materials. Low density foam at the front for high range frequencies and high density fiber behind it for “trapping” mids and lows.

The quality, just by looking at it, looks more premium compared to the previous square panels I was using. When I got them in my hands, this was confirmed. The materials used are of high quality and for this reason the panels are a little heavier weighing 250g each.

Functionality of Elgato Wave Panels

You may be thinking, “Are these panels something I need?” The panels address a specific audience, such as streamers, music producers, podcasters, vloggers, etc. We use them in our unboxing studio for better sound insulation but, our wall also looks way more beautiful as a background for our photoshooting.

Fancy wall in the BGeek studio

Most beautiful wall EU

Of course, for perfect results, the panels are not enough. The layout of your space is really important for the quality of the sound. All hard surfaces, such as walls and furniture, make the sound “bounce”. Carpets, sofas, curtains are generally soft and fabric surfaces help to better insulate the sound. Well, we can not stick sofas and rugs on the walls and ceiling. That’s where the Wave Panels come in to provide the solution. A well-designed room can lead to dramatically improved acoustics.

I may not have covered the whole wall, but I did it in such a way that we have a nice design on our wall. But still, I can already feel the difference in the sound of our unboxing videos. We have clearer sound, without the echo that especially in our videos can be very annoying. I wasn’t expecting that only three panels will make such a difference. On the other hand, they are three huge panels.

I will install the rest of them soon and see if this will make the sound even better. For now, however, I am very happy with the results.


The installation of the panels was much easier than I expected. Of course, in the box you will find everything you need in order to place them on the wall.

  1. Assemble the frames in their hexagonal shape
  2. Put them on the wall
    1. Making holes in the wall and screwing them in there
    2. Glue them with double-sided tape
  3. Join the frames together using the clips
  4. You fasten the panels on the frames
  5. Enjoy!

Personally, I chose the second method because I did not want to drill the wall in the studio. As mentioned above, the panels are relatively heavy. I have them on the wall now for about a month, and even with the adhesive tape they didn’t move an inch.


Are you ready to start your streaming career? Do you hear in your videos an annoying echo that makes you want to eat your microphone? Are you bored by your white wall and do you find that posters are very mainstream? Then, Elgato Wave Panels are the go-to for you.

Beautiful, with smart design, they do what they promise with top tier quality construction. What else to ask for?

Elgato panels in the BGeek studio


You can buy the Elgato Wave Panels starter kit (with the 6 panels) at the price of 119.99 € or the Extension Set (with the 2 panels) at the price of 49.99 €. The starter kit is available in black and blue and the extension set only in black.

I would like to thank Elgato for providing the review unit to write this review

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