Logitech G413 SE – Made to last, even during your bad days

It’s been a while since I last tried a simpler, but value for money keyboard. The Logitech G413 SE is just that: a durable, mechanical keyboard at an affordable price.

It is logical that not everyone has the same taste on keyboards. Some people want their keyboards with custom switches, detachable cables and tons of RGB. Others want a simpler choice without much fuss. The Logitech G413 SE is addressed to that last class of people.


Unboxing the Logitech G413 SE we will find just the essentials:

  • The keyboard
  • The manual
  • And a sticker with the LogitechG logo

I will not lie though. When I got the keyboard in my hands, I was impressed by how solid its construction is. I also loved the pure “darkness” of the keyboard.

The design of Logitech G413 SE

The G413 SE is the successor to the G413. The G413 was a gaming mechanical keyboard, with standard red lighting but powerful Romer-G tactile switches. On the contrary, the G413 SE has a beautiful and adjustable (intensity) white lighting. But, it does come with the Long Hua tactile switches. I will not hide the fact that I am not such a big fan of the specific ones. But this is a personal preference and I’m sure not everyone will agree with me.

Although the Logitech G413 SE is a full sized keyboard, it does not feel as big and bulky as other similar keyboards. This is helped by the fact that there are no bezels on the keyboard. The keyboard frame is almost invisible since the buttons are all “crammed” on the base of the keyboard, in such a way that they do not waste any space on it.

This minimalist and compact design comes at a cost. There are no macro keys such as for multimedia control, lighting or gaming mode. Of course, the Fn button in combination with the F1-F12 row helps in offering these functions mentioned above.

Another thing I missed a lot is the lack of a wrist rest. Lately, all my keyboards came with the comfort of resting my wrist. Of course, for the price of the G413 SE, coming with a wrist rest would be a miracle. So, I’ll not complain about that anymore.

Build to last

The G413 SE comes with a high quality brushed black base made of low carbon 5052 aluminium alloy. Similar to the one used in aircraft.

Durable keys are very important for the “longevity” of a keyboard. For this reason, the G413 SE comes with the most durable keys on the market, made with PBT. PBT provides excellent heat and wear resistance. So the keyboard (and its performance) will remain as in the first days of its purchase.

If you have read my previous reviews, you will know that I am an huge fanboy of minimalistic design. Therefore, in general I like the keyboard, which is all black and with simple lines. Especially when the buttons without the lighting are completely black. The matte PBT keys in combination with the brushed aluminium make a nice contrast. The only thing that stands out is the silver G in the upper right corner.


First of all, we need to mention that the G413 SE is not compatible with the Logitech G Hub software. This makes sense of course, since it does not have the extra buttons that could be customized. Therefore, all the functions and settings of the keyboard are done directly with the Fn button, without the use of any software.

Faster switches

The G413 SE features gaming-grade tactile mechanical switches with quick feedback once activated. These switches are ideal for decisions in a blink of an eye for FPS games and generally at a competitive level.

More specifically, the switches are Long Hua tactile switches. Many liken them to Cherry MX Brown switches. The difference is that they are a bit harder than the Cherry MX, with a bigger reinstatement. Finally, their sound is much more clicky.

Gaming-grade tactile mechanical switches

The impressive thing about this particular keyboard is the anti-ghosting gaming matrix technology that allows the use of up to 6 keys at the same time. Quite impressive and rare for such a keyboard.


Some important features for the Logitech G413 SE

Length435 mm
Width127 mm
Height36.3 mm
Cable length1.8 m
Technical Specifications
Activation distance (switches)1.9 mm
Activation Power (switches)50 g
Total Distance (switches)4 mm
Connectivity TypeUSB 2.0
USB ProtocolUSB 2.0
LightingYes, white light per key
WarrantyLimited 2 years hardware warranty


Is the Logitech G413 SE worth buying? The short answer is, that if you want a cheap keyboard, without being interested in the many extras but to remain as new in time and offer what it promises. Then yes, this keyboard is a good choice for you. If you are interested in switches, then take a look at the “father” of this particular one which is the Logitech G413.

Logitech G413 SE

Tactile mechanical switches, durable PBT keycaps, aluminium base, top anti-ghosting technology and all this at a price of €79,99; Yes please! Your next step will be the Logitech VFM headset called G435 Lightspeed and you are all set.

At this point I would like to thank Logitech G for providing the review units we used.

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