Logitech PRO X 60

Logitech PRO X 60: Pioneering the E-Sports Gear

Recently, Logitech launched its newest gaming gear, the PRO X 60 gaming keyboard. Sporting a compact 60% layout, it maximises space for broader swipes, delivering exceptional speed and customisable keymapping. Priced at 200 euros, the PRO X 60 targets E-Sports enthusiasts as their top choice. Following Logitech’s tradition, the PRO X 60 underwent strict testing with E-Sports athletes to guarantee it meets their demands.

Logitech PRO X 60 Top View


Whether the Logitech PRO X 60 is the best 60% gaming keyboard depends on your preferences. If you prioritize top-tier E-Sports performance, customization, and compactness, then yes, it’s a strong contender. However, if you prioritize a premium typing experience with exceptional sound and feel out of the box, then it may not be the best choice, especially considering its price tag.

Optimising Performance for E-Sports Enthusiasts

Centered on compact design and swift performance, the Logitech PRO X 60 presents wireless connectivity via Bluetooth or 2.4 GHz Wireless, employs Optical switches and enables individual key configuration with up to 15 settings per key. This tailored setup addresses a key issue encountered by users of 60% layout keyboards. Despite its smaller form factor compared to full-size or TKL keyboards, Logitech strives to enrich functionality through layering methods within Logitech GHUB‘s key control. Equipped with standard function keys, supplementary modifiers, and assignable G-Shift actions extendable to other Logitech peripherals like mice, users may enjoy a plethora of customization possibilities.

Sleek Design for On-the-Go Gaming

Exploring its design, it is undeniable that the PRO X 60 has a remarkably sleek appearance. Its compact form is highlighted by a case barely extending beyond the keycaps, maintaining a minimalist aesthetic lacking unnecessary plastic, lines, or shapes. Available in three colour options—white, pink, and black—the keyboard adheres to a clean design ethos. We received the ISO variant, complete with the distinctive Enter key.

Designed for portability, the wireless PRO X 60 features a convenient slot at the bottom to house the small USB receiver, which can also be stored in the accompanying carrying case. This emphasis on E-Sports portability is further underscored by the inclusion of a USB-A to USB-C adapter, a spare Escape key matching the keyboard’s colour scheme, and a 6-foot USB-A to USB-C cable—all neatly housed within the case for effortless transportation, ideal for tournaments and on-the-go gaming sessions.

Logitech PRO X 60 White - Pink - Black Colourways

Tailoring the Keyboard Experience

On the left side of the keyboard, there is a compact volume roller, offering smooth operation. On the right side, there is a dedicated Game Mode On/Off switch, requiring deliberate action for activation or deactivation. This mode effectively disables the Windows key, with the option to customize additional keys via Logitech GHUB. At the front, the keyboard features a power switch, USB-C port, and two dedicated buttons for Bluetooth and 2.4 GHz Wireless connections.

Out of the box, the RGB lighting is set to a simple white in response to feedback from E-Sports professionals who found flashy patterns distracting. However, users can easily customize the lighting by pressing the Function + V keys to cycle through different colours, with further customization options available through Logitech GHUB.

Key Customization and Control

Let’s talk a little bit more about customising keys and key control. As someone who uses a keyboard for both work and gaming purposes, the compact form factor of 60% keyboards is appreciated. However, the absence of arrow keys poses a challenge, particularly during productivity tasks such as coding or photo editing. Logitech, having received similar feedback from professional players, addressed this concern by developing a robust system for easy addition of modifiers, and facilitating access to arrow keys, navigation keys, and media controls.

This customization extends to various types of key presses through the Logitech GHUB. Each button can be configured for single presses, long presses, or actions upon release. For instance, in an RPG game, pressing a key could activate a buff, while releasing it triggers high-power attacks, optimizing efficiency with the buff immediately.

Logitech GHUB

PRO X 60 Build Quality

Logitech has implemented several measures to enhance the typing sound and feel of the PRO X 60. For instance, a thick custom-moulded piece of rubber at the bottom of the case and foam underneath the space bar contribute to a more satisfying typing experience. The stabilizers also feel smooth and produce a pleasing sound.

However, there’s room for improvement. Unlike some premium keyboards, the PRO X 60 lacks tape or PCB mods to further reduce noise, and it doesn’t include an additional layer of foam between the PCB and the top plate. One notable aspect to mention, unrelated to the keyboard’s build, is the presence of noticeable stem wobble. This can lead to noise even with slight movements of the hand over the keyboard and may cause an audible rattle.

Overall, the build quality of the PRO X 60 can be considered decent. While it doesn’t reach premium levels, it feels sturdy, despite some minor shortcomings such as the stem wobble and rattling issues.

Connectivity, Keycaps, and Durability

When it comes to connectivity, the PRO X 60 shines as a wireless keyboard, offering up to 65 hours of battery life with RGB lighting turned off, slightly less with vibrant colours activated. While wireless keyboards may be seen as a novelty compared to mice, there are situations where they prove beneficial, particularly with the added convenience of Bluetooth connectivity. This versatility allows the keyboard to be used beyond just gaming PCs, making it suitable for on-the-go use as well.

Furthermore, opting for a wireless setup with both a keyboard and mouse can help organize workspaces or battle stations. With a single dongle from the PRO X 60, users can pair both the keyboard and a compatible mouse, such as the PRO X Superlight 2, to the same receiver. However, it’s worth noting that this setup may limit the polling rate of the mouse to the 1000Hz rate of the keyboard. Logitech assures that most professional E-Sports athletes they collaborate with typically utilize 1K polling rates, so this limitation may not be a significant concern for many users.

The keycaps of the PRO X 60 keyboard are made of double-shot PBT (Polybutylene Terephthalate), which ensures durability and a crisp appearance. The Legends are clear and well-defined, with secondary functions printed on the bottom of the keycaps. This contributes to an overall aesthetically pleasing look for the keyboard.

Conclusion: Top Choice for Competitive Gaming

In summary, if you’re seeking a top-tier, high-performance, 60% wireless gaming keyboard tailored for competitive gaming, the PRO X 60 is the ultimate choice. Every aspect of its design is geared towards providing a competitive edge. While there are numerous alternatives available, the PRO X 60 distinguishes itself with its unique combination of features, making it an ideal choice for those prioritizing competitive gaming. Personally, if I were preparing for a tournament, this is the keyboard I’d choose to pack, especially with its well-designed carrying hard case.

A huge thanks to Logitech for providing us with the PRO X 60 and making this review possible.

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