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Monster Pusat 1080 and Pusat Broadcast – For every ambitious streamer

And as streaming platforms have not stopped evolving in recent years, microphones and cameras are becoming essential tools. Good picture, but also good sound are the basic elements for any up and coming streamer that aims to succeed in the field. Monste Notebook has prepared 2 very good tools to get you started. First, Monster Pusat 1080p Full HD Webcam and then the Monster Pusat USB Broadcast microphone are here to give you the specs you need, without leaving your wallet complaining. But let’s see them in detail:

Monster Pusat 1080p Full HD Webcam

Starting from the basic features of this camera, it has the ability to record video with a resolution of 1920×1080. Essentially the golden standard for every streamer. Setting up the camera through OBS and Nvidia Broadcast is very easy. You can easily adjust the viewing angle and field of view. The lens is wide-angled, 76 degrees, adjustable to fit the needs of each room.

As a focusing range it has 20mm and with a very good response, so that it does not blur in the transitions. All this on the condition that there will be transitions, as in streaming there are usually no wide movements from the streamer. Unless you are doing hot tub streams. The auto white balance ensures that the lighting of the face matches even in very light or dark situations.

Finally, the built-in microphone is quite noise-free and comfortable with the range. It does not compare to conventional microphones, but still gives a perfect quality for web calls and conversations without having to deal with more peripherals etc.


As we have seen in other products of the same company, Pusat 1080 has invested a lot again in this field. The camera consists mainly of the lens, that has a sliding cover to protect your personal data. It is not entirely impossible for your data to be intercepted by the camera, but an extra security has never been a negative asset. It is compatible with all versions of Windows XP and above as also with macOS 10.6 and above. Like all cameras, it has a light that shows its operation and a base, where you have three good factors.

The stand can sit comfortably and firmly on all computer monitors. For its application, it has a non-slip rubber so that it does not slip in the corner. Also, the lower part that has a resistor has an inclination adjustment in case the monitor is not flat from behind. The base is foldable, which means it can sit comfortably on a desk. Finally, it has screwing in case the streamer wants to apply the camera on a tripod. The camera is made of plastic, while its base is made of metal that fits on the non-slip rubber on all surfaces that touch the computer screen. The cable is simple USB, without any additional external lining.

Monster Pusat 1080p Full HD Webcam

Monster Pusat USB Broadcast

And after checking a good camera, there has to be a good microphone. The microphone in turn has a range from 50Hz to 20kHz which means that it does not receive some unnecessary frequencies between 20 to 50Hz that are not needed in voice streaming anyway. It is quite clear and not dry in the sound, which helps to highlight the voice. Its polar diagram is kardioid, unidirectional, which means that it only captures what is in front of it. In fact, it is less likely to get noise from the rest of the room.

Plug-and-Play is always convenient. Immediate use is always a desirable element. So the microphone becomes useful for podcasts that can be done in different places with other machines etc. The sampling frequency is 16bit with 48kHz giving a decent quality in the recording of sound. Its sensitivity is at 35dB, making it relatively mediocre in terms of recording dynamics.


The microphone has dimensions of 115 x 74 x 190 mm, quite compact in terms of size. On the body of the microphone, after the aperture grid, there is an operation led light that indicates whether the microphone is active or mute. There is also a button that adjusts the mute of the microphone at its top. It connects directly to USB to the computer which means you do not have to deal with external sound cards to digitize the sound. It also has a 3.5mm output for headphones that is immediately useful, even for recording.

Its base is a tripod that fits into the body of the microphone, allowing the angle to be adjusted. The microphone screws onto the cradle for compatibility with other microphone cradles. The legs of the tripod are metal with elastic bases so that it does not slip.

Monster Pusat Usb Broadcast


Regarding the above two products, I would prefer to have manual control of the camera on the lens through their own software, rather than having to manage it through the respective streaming software. But on the other hand, the camera is made for a specific use case. As for the microphone, all I would add is a greater safety for any shocks that will be on the surface where it will be located. Of course, these two things are the only negatives I could find. Practically, they are both very good pieces of equipment, which, at the prices offered, are very difficult not to recommend.

The specific set costs € 35 for the camera and € 38 for the microphone. It is quite a good price for the construction and the quality they offer. Several features are found in competing companies, but always with higher cost and usually questionable build quality. Monster proves once again what value for money means.

We want to thank Monsternotebook for the review samples we used in this Review

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