Logitech G Pro X: Let’s try the League of Legends version

LoL themed peripherals is a very smart move by Logitech. Why; Not only there is a lot of hype because of the Arcane series, but we are talking about the official headphones used in the LCS. All eSports fans, as well as those who play in the highest tiers, deserve to use good quality technology and peripherals. Let’s see in more detail what it has to offer Logitech G Pro X League Of Legends Edition:

Basic Features

Its frequency response comes in at 20Hz to 20kHz which covers the entire audio range. With impedance to 35ohm, it may make it slightly difficult for mobile users, reducing its performance to a minimum. The sensitivity is at 91.7 dB SPlL making it relatively strong in terms of intensity.

We have referred to the 40mm drivers in the past, but here we have the 50mm version. It is the latest technology that upgrades the sound in the headset. Specifically, the Logitech Pro X uses the PRO-G hybrid 50 mm grid. Using larger drivers greatly avoids digital noise and increases sound quality.


The microphone is one of the strongest points of Logitech Pro X. Initially, the microphone in collaboration with Blue has added the Blue Voice technology in their specifications. It’s probably one of the best microphones fitted to headphones I’ve ever used. Voice filters are applied, which I personally consider necessary in every headset. De-essing, for example, for these persistent sigmas that the user may not feel but the listener certainly hears.

It is detachable, something that is convenient for many cases. Its polar diagram is heart-shaped one-way, so you do not have to worry about noises in front of the headset. This microphone is condenser and relatively sensitive. Therefore, no special intensity is needed. Finally, its frequency response is at 100 Hz with 10kHz. It covers the central spectrum of the human voice, leaving the high frequencies a bit neglected.


The latest Logitech surround technology – DTS HEADPHONE X 2.0 is what we are getting with the specific headset. Personally, I’m not a big fan of surround headsets, but I was surprised by the creative and clearly better use of 7.1. At first, you are having the feeling that everything is coming from a distance, but this comes into balance when you are getting used to the headset and the overall quality it offers. The interesting thing about this particular surround is that it sounds like a natural room.

Most of the time, the surround techniques try to simulate the physical space and the resulting distances. This particular model has succeeded that recipe, achieving a very good balance in the low, medium and high frequencies. It is worth mentioning that it offers a very good sense of distance awareness, which is essential for competitive level and FPS games.

Sound card – G HUB

We already discussed about the technologies used in Logitech Pro X. Most of them come from G HUB. More specifically, it is the software that you will have to download in order to have the best out of the headeset. Apart from the typical issue of digital drivers, there is also the equalizer that has to become a must in every headset. Most of the time the criteria for a headset are subjective in relation to the bass – high etc. Through the software it is possible to adjust everything exactly as the user wants, giving the headset the ability to work to the fullest.

The external sound card, in addition to the basic digitization functions, gives you the opportunity through the software to save your own profiles of the equalizer. This makes it very easy to change the headset between different devices. Finally, through G HUB you choose between ready-to-use profiles used by professionals in the field.

Overall quality

The main part that holds the ear cups consists of steel lined with foam and very good quality leatherette. The cups are based on 2 aluminum grids in which memory foam is used for the ears, covered with leatherette. What I appreciated a bit more, is the spiral cable that connects the cups. It reminded me of a vintage phone. However, this is used to avoid the pressure while you resize the headset to fit your head and the cable does not wear out as much as the fine braids or simple cables.

The rest of the cables are made of good quality plastic. The headphones come with a splitter cable for microphone – headphones, one for mobile use and one for use on the external sound card. Finally, an extra set of pillows, made of fabric for the hot summer days.


The headset is very well-made and comes with many quality features. It did not bother me at all (more than normal), wearing it for a long session. Very convenient and beautifully aesthetic headset. I did not find anything negative beyond the personal criteria that I would like to have a braided cable and options on the external sound card.

In summary, Logitech has done, as they always do, a very good job in the field of audio and especially in headsets. After all, the sound is my job and I appreciate it when it is done with good results. The price of the headset is around 134 euros and you can get them here. Maybe, it sounds a bit pricey but definitely a must-have for the LoL lovers and people who are looking for a very good peripheral. It is worth making an investment.

We would like to thank LogitechG Greece for providing the review unit to us.

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