Playseat PUMA Active Gaming Seat – Comfort and unrestricted movement

The Playseat Puma Active Gaming Seat landed directly on our setups us from Playseat. Playseat is the world’s leading company for flight simulation and racing game equipment but mainly for its seats. All products are patented, designed with cutting edge vision and design. They combine easy daily use but with the highest level of quality.

What if we add a little Puma into this recipe? Then the result is the Playseat Puma Active Gaming Seat. But why did they call it Active gaming seat and what is its difference from the rest? It is the first seat specially designed for active gamers who do not like to remain idle during their gaming sessions. That is, what Puma has been supporting all these years with their sport products.


Opening up the box of the Playseat PUMA Active Gaming Seat, we find several metal bars, and a large fabric cover. More specifically:

  • 2x bases (feet) with hard plastic at the bottom to protect your floors
  • 4x pipes that will form the frame of the seat
  • 1x fabric cover
  • 1x fabric head pillow
  • 1x manual


The design of Playseat Puma’s Active Gaming Seat is something we have never seen before and certainly not used to. At a quick glance, it’s reminiscent of the classic rocking armchairs that we used to find in our grandparents’ houses. Really, why did these armchairs disappear? They were the best.

The word Active in the name of this specific seat was based on this special feature. You can relax and lie all the way back. Sitting upright in the middle of the seat or even resting on the edge will keep you in place with no fear of falling. It will remain comfortable, whatever position you choose. Complete freedom of movement to relax with your favorite mobile game or celebrate your achievement on your favorite RPG. However, don’t expect it to rock back and forth like a classic rocking chair.

  • Playseat PUMA Active Gaming Seat

On the sides of the seat, we find the logos of Puma as well as Playseat. The same logos can be found on the back of the seat and on the head cushion. We tested the black version but it is also available in an imposing red. Both are beautiful colors, depending on the color needs in the gaming room of every gamer.

The small and clever touch that I loved, is something that you almost always need but you’ll never find on a gaming chair. Extra pockets! There are a total of four pockets. Two large and two small. The large ones are on the front and back of the seat and the small ones on the sides right next to its feet. There’s no reason to leave your smartphone, controller or even your energy drink on the floor. The pockets are so well camouflaged throughout the seat design that when I first saw it, I didn’t even realize they were pockets. Priceless!


The materials that have been used for the active seat are resistant to time and long-term use. The frame is made of aluminum in matte black color. The fabric is also black with some white details but the special thing here is that ActiFit™ fabric has been used.

Breathable ActiFit™ fabric. For long hours of gaming without breaking a sweat.

ActiFit™ fabric consists of vertical microfibers that do not trap air. In this way, it stays cool during long gaming sessions. It can be used by adults and children, without setting weight and age limits. Because everyone has a right to comfortable gaming.



Assembling the seat was easier than the classic square IKEA table. It doesn’t need any effort. You start by placing the two legs of the chair on the floor and then simply join the pieces based on the matching colors. You just line up the colored dots in each section, press them, and we’re good to go. Maybe a small note here. What happens if someone is colorblind? Maybe in the next model, it would be better to match them with numbers or symbols instead of colors.

The pieces snap together to hold the seat in place without the risk of it falling apart with any sudden movements. Therefore, you should press the pieces until the click is heard and they stay attached. If we want to disassemble it, we just push away the metal safety, and the piece unclips.

After the frame is ready, it remains to place the cover to shape the body of the chair. Of course, this must also be locked onto the frame so that we don’t have any unpleasant surprises during our gaming sessions. From the inside of the seat (when looking under the fabric), we see that the fabric folds over bars number 1 and 2 and thus locks to the frame.

We do the same on the legs of the seat to keep the fabric taut and stable. Finally, we install the head pillow by simply pressing it onto the top of the seat. It is U-shaped and hugs the seat while remaining stable.

Honestly, I expected the scratch sticker to not do such a good job. But when you consider that I’m a 105kg guy and the fabric didn’t budge an inch, it “made me believe”.

Basic features of Playseat PUMA Active Gaming Seat


One of the main features of the Playseat PUMA Active Gaming Seat is its easy transportation and movement. It weighs 8.5 kg when fully assembled. Its dimensions are 70x67x140 which makes it portable with the use of one hand.

Floors protection

Thanks to the rubber feet you can move the seat and transport it (even drag it) without fear of harming your flooring. The rubber on the bottom is like hard rubber. Enough to bear the weight and at the same time soft for the floor.

Freedom of movement

This is its main feature. That is why there’s the Active in the name. The legs are constructed in such a way that allows the chair to rock slightly in four distinct positions. These positions are referred to as Cruise, Defense, Attack and Win by Playseat and simply characterize your body posture depending on your reaction to the game.


The Playseat Puma Active Gaming Seat is perhaps the only seat of its kind in this category. I believe that some others will also follow this path. It is only a matter of time before we see active gaming chairs in larger sizes and made by different materials.

If you are an active gamer and cannot stay in one position for more than 10 minutes, then this seat was made especially for you. It is small, with a beautiful design and it will fit both in your gaming room and in your living room.

Minimalistic, great design, and comfortable. I’m not asking for anything more from a gaming chair.

You can buy the Playseat Puma Active Gaming Seat at the price of €229. At the moment of writing, however, an offer is live and you can make it yours for €169 through the official Playseat store.

If you are not a gamer but you love Playseat’s collaboration with Puma, don’t forget that you can always use it to watch the new seasonal anime.

We would like to thank Playseat for the review unit they provided.

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