Corsair Sabre RGB Pro – So light, it almost floats

Corsair Sabre RGB Pro belongs to the Champion Series family, like the Corsair K70 we reviewed a couple of days ago. It is a tournament-ready mouse, designed for and tested by the best eSports players. The Sabre RGB Pro weights just 74g, and is armed with Corsair Quickstrike buttons and Axon hyper-processing technology. Promising to deliver the best outcome and performance you could get.

I have been using it for the past two weeks and here is everything you should know about it.


The mouse comes in the classic black and yellow themed box like most of the Corsair peripherals. I really love the design of the Champion Series products. In some spots the box is glossy and in others it has this wonderful matte embossed feel.

The box, the manual and the mouse

Opening the package, we find just the basics. Meaning, the mouse and the manual. Most companies support the environmental protection and they are trying to avoid adding any unnecessary extras in the package, like stickers etc.


Sabre RGB Pro comes with a black matte finish, having some nice glossy lines on the side and aligned with the scrolling wheel. The drag-reducing paracord cable for responsive, unhindered movements makes you think that it is wireless. It slides so smoothly on my mouse pad. It is not just the cable that helps with that. Underneath the mouse there are four replaceable 100% PTFE glide pads to support your rapid movements.

Six programmable buttons, including the DPI button, the three lines RGB DPI indicators and the RGB Corsair logo on the back are the things that strike you first when you are looking the mouse.

The size of the mouse is perfect for someone with “bigger” hands like mine. To be more specific, the dimensions of the mouse are 12,90 x 5.99 x 4,19.

I have to say that I am in love with the //SABRE logo on the left click. A small detail but I really love it. Makes the mouse look more aggressive.


We have three pieces with RGB lighting. The scrolling wheel, the Corsair logo and the DPI indicator. All of them are fully programmable using iCue software. They can be adjusted separately or together to give them the same effect.

Sabre RGB Pro mouse with red RGB



As I mentioned above, the mouse’s size is something between a medium and a large hand user. That said, maybe it will not be too comfortable for women or someone with smaller hands in general. The positive side of a bigger mouse is that it fits great, whether you are a palm, a claw or a fingertip mouse user.

Sabre RGB Pro mouse from the top

Medium to large sized hands will love how this mouse “sits” in the palm

The side clicks are positioned pretty close to each other, for fast reaction clicking and making it easier to reach them. It is also worth mentioning that this mouse is designed for right-hand users, because the upper part follows the flow of a right hand palm.


The performance is what makes this mouse a real champion. It is armed with the Corsair Quickstrike buttons. The buttons are designed in a way that there is zero gap between the click itself and the switch, making your clicks, shots and spells faster than ever. The click resistance is reduced and your clicks are smoother, easier and crisper. After the click is released, the buttons immediately return to their original position and are ready for the next click.

Like the K70 keyboard, also the Sabre RGB Pro comes with the Corsair Axon technology. If you didn’t read about it in our review for the K70 TLK keyboard, don’t worry, I will explain it in this article too. BUT, you have to check the other review too. The Corsair Axon Hyper-Processing technology transmits your movements and clicks to your PC up to 8x faster than other conventional mice with 8000hz hyper-polling.

Axon is highly optimized and processes instructions faster and more efficiently than previous generation mice. It takes full advantage of the SoC (System on Chip) which processes multiple instructions in parallel. That reduces latency to the minimum. Axon has an advanced scheduling algorithm to ensure that critical key presses always get through when needed.

Difference between 8000Hz and 1000Hz

A custom PixArt PMW3392 sensor with 450 IPS tracking at up to 50G acceleration, offers unbeatable precision. On top of that the DPI is fully customizable. There are five onboard DPI presets. Red is 400DPI, white is 800, green for 1200, pink for 1600 and blue for 3200. But you can program them through the iCue software. Then you just have to press the DPI button and select the one that works best for you.

Mouse Feet

The mouse feet are built from ultra low friction PTFE pads, delivering the smoothest glide and quickest movements on every kind of mouse pad. The best part is that they are removable so that you can easily replace them with a set of new ones after they will get worn.

To be honest, I was always wondering why these feet are glued on the mouse since they are the first thing that gets worn on a mouse. I am happy that Corsair thought the same.

All the above in combination with the paracord cable, make this mouse feel like it is hovering above the mouse pad and not touching it at all.

The bottom of the Sabre RGB Pro mouse

Removable feet and top tier sensor. Nothing more to ask for


The software that Corsair uses for its peripherals is called iCue and is available here. Once we run iCue, the Sabre RGB Pro will immediately appear on our dashboard. From there, we can change our profile and create our own customized profiles by clicking on the arrow next to Default and then selecting + to add a new profile.

iCue home page

On the left, we see four more options

In the Key Assignments option we can assign functions to keys on the software profile. (When iCue runs normally on the PC where Sabre RGB Pro is connected.)

Key Assignments

Pressing ‘+’ and then selecting the function from the menu (open application, display text, change language, etc.). Finally, we choose which key we want to assign this function to. If we want to remap a key, we can add a combination of buttons instead.

In the DPI option we can program the DPI of the mouse.


The Surface Calibrator allows you to tune the mouse sensor to your mousing surface for optimal tracking.

Surface Calibrator

Finally, in Device Settings we will find some generic settings related to the mouse such as the firmware upgrade and the Polling Rate.

Device Settings


The Corsair Sabre RGB Pro Champions Series is available in the market at the price of €59.99, and you can buy it here. For that price, the Sabre RGB Pro is a budget mouse. A budget mouse that offers way more than a budget mouse. If you care about instant response on your mouse, either on your clicks or on your slide, then Sabre RGB Pro is the mouse you need. The technology that is hidden in this fella, is not going to disappoint you.

Sabre and BGeek

We would like to thank Corsair for providing the review unit we used in this review.

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