Waverox Mind Tracker

Waverox Mind Tracker: See how your brain works with a good twist

Finally, we got our hands on a piece of headgear that can read minds and help you get better with everything around you. Now, the purpose of Waverox Mind Tracker is not to see what others think but rather what your own brain does. You never thought it would be that easy, right? This pair of headphones, or just the headband, is extremely useful for people with tight schedules who want to see what is going on in their heads. Let’s see in detail what all this brain activity is about.

Waverox Mind Tracker

Waverox Mind Tracker: All that you need to know

So the Waverox Mind Tracker device can either be a headband or just a pair of headphones that you can casually wear anywhere without drawing attention or feeling uncomfortable. The precise function as it is described on the official page of the Waverox Mind Tracker, is that it works as an EEG machine. What this means is that this device records the electrical activity of your brain and sends you information back. Just like the official medical devices that are used in hospitals. This happens through electrodes that are on the device and not in some kind of powerful psychic wave thingy. It’s science!

Our brain is constantly creating electrical signals which the Mind Tracker reads and decodes in something you can actually understand. Those signals give information about stress, creativity, calmness, fatigue, and other states of the brain. This cutting-edge neurotechnology can also tell you the suited types of activity depending on your psycho type.

Waverox Mind Tracker

But why…

So here is the big idea and why I find this extremely useful: during the day your brain does a lot of stuff and sometimes it is really easy for you to get lost in what you are doing. This means that you can easily get stressed, overpressured, tired, or simply become idle without realizing it. What this means is that you can see what is going on at that moment or at the end of the day and do something about it. Imagine if you are getting distressed without knowing. This device can notify you about it and for me it is a great tool to take a step back and realize what is going on.

This can even help you make life decisions. Could this mean a change of career? What if you are doing a standard office job but your psycho type is focused on more creative paths? Through the metrics of your brain activity, you can easily understand how to pursue decisions like chasing a more creative skill, entrepreneurship, or anything different actually from what you are currently doing.

Mind Tracker UI

Opening the box

By opening the case for the Waverox Mind Tracker you will find a really well-crafted case that holds the headband together and you will instantly realize that the quality of the device is exceptional. Inside there is a small zip pocket that holds a Bluetooth USB connector for your PC (in case your computer doesn’t have one) and a cable with a USB connector to charge the device.

The headband, that we are using for this review, is an adjustable cloth band that holds firmly to the head. The piece of the band is attached to a very comfortable elastic which feels really smooth. The front part has a button to turn it on/off on the right and the frontal electrodes apply to your forehead. On the half part of the head towards the back, there are 4 sets of electrodes that need to be firmly touching the skin area below your hair to get this precious brain information. There are also 4 small pieces of foam that attach to the back electrodes in case they feel harsh on your head. And that’s it. Simple yet effective!

Everything in the case: the case, the headband, a cable, usb and electrodes

Big Brain Time

After you’ve charged your device you will obviously need to connect it to your PC and start working magic with it. For that, it is necessary to have installed the application that Waverox is providing and all that’s left is to make an account and follow the steps. Firstly you need to calibrate the device by making sure that the electrodes are touching a good part of your skin and then close your eyes for 30 seconds so the device can get calibrated. After that, you get your iAF score and see what is going on with your brain.

The Waverox Mind Tracker application has all the useful features that were described plus more. The first thing you get on the main page is your iAF score plus your average training stats. Then you get a set of different stats that the device is collecting for you like some tips on the bottom to boost your productivity.

On the Monitoring tab, you get your Cognitive score, which to my surprise was only about 40% whilst writing this review and the emotional states were higher on focus. I was checking constantly the three tabs displaying the emotions changing while doing different tasks. I was focused while writing but I was more calm while scrolling on Instagram or checking the latest reviews, and of course, I had higher tension when my mother phoned me for a chore…


The Pomodoro tab is the most interesting and provides results for the future. As it is explained in the Waverox Mind Tracker app, this is the tool that will help you learn when to take a break. As the app suggests you will start working casually while recording and then it will determine when you need a break. A good idea is to record your work day often in the first period that you are using the device, to get a better grasp on what you need. The break duration is something you choose but it is suggested to make a beverage, or do any of the exercises that are included in the Training tab.

FYI: The Pomodoro technique is a method that was developed in the late 80s by Francesco Cirillo and focuses on breaking work into intervals separated by short breaks by using a timer.

Waverox Mind Tracker: Verdict

Starting from the simple things, the band is getting really attached to your head and at some point, you forget that it is there. You need to adjust it really well so that you can get the optimal position so it will sit properly. I had a bit of an issue with the connectivity as it sometimes was getting disconnected but this could be due to my bad PC positioning. The app is really easy to use, small in memory size, and really user-friendly. I did not have any difficulty using it and the design of it is very beautiful.

The first results were already promising on the numbers I noticed about myself. I got really excited that it was instantly working on the metrics of the emotions and after some thorough working time, it was obvious that the Cognitive percentage was changing. I started working with a number of 23 and ended up with a number of 40+ which meant that I was productive. This was for a short 40-minute session but imagine what it could do to days and hours of working of pattern repentance. The training exercises for calming yourself and being able to focus more seem really promising and need some dedication. It’s clear that the Waverox Mind Tracker needs data about you to help you more. You need to invest some time in the app and the device to get the most out of it.

Few last words

I need to make a special comment as to how professional the overall company’s attitude is towards the consumer is as their FAQ section is really covering questions that occur through everyone’s mind like the use of people with medical conditions.

I can honestly say that this is a really promising and extremely helpful device for people who want to monitor, adjust, train, and understand their function throughout the day and I strongly advise anyone who is willing to invest some time to it, get a piece of gear and start working.

At this moment the headset is prized at 590$ and the headband at 350$ which I believe is a really good and fair amount behind all this research and technology that brings an EEG devise casually to our lives.

We would like to thank Waverox for the review unit that gave us mind-reading superpowers

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