Sharkoon Skiller SGK30 Review + Giveaway – A killer combo

Keyboards are often considered to enhance the capabilities of the competitive gamer, which means that equipment with a relative level of quality are required for any self-respecting gamer. It must be well constructed, and above all it must match aesthetically with the rest of the set …. oh yes.. and RGB is mandatory. Let’s see in detail what the Skiller SGK30 from Sharkoon offers.

Skiller SGK30

Basic features

Starting with basic speed capabilities, it offers a 1000hz response. Fast enough for those who appreciate high inputs. Aside from the pro, even the millisecond will show a difference in fast battles, giving a greater pleasure to those who just type faster.

Obviously, even a high end keyboard like the SGK30 could not miss the n-key rollover feature. For those who do not know the n-key rollover, it practically means that all the keys are recognized, even if they are pressed at the same time with precision. In this way, ghosting is prevented, ie the conditions in which a key is not recognized because too many have been pressed simultaneously. Simply put, if you get angry and start typing on the keyboard, whatever you press will pass to your computer!


As with most high-end keyboards, the SGK30 comes with its own software. It provides the ability to store up to 20 different profiles in the keyboard memory. It also stores the macros that each user desires. Obviously, each user has their own preferences. All profiles and macros can be configured through Sharkoon software. This model is useful for those who prefer the classic keyboards without extra buttons, which in turn take up more space on the desk, since everything is done through macros.

Macros in turn provide several immediate changes. In addition to lighting, for music there is a Volume changer, change of tracks, pause / start and Mute. In addition, there is an immediate factory reset, and an immediate change for the WASD buttons with the arrow keys. Another luxury for the keys and for different conditions that may require it.

Mechanical switches provide quality and confidence especially in terms of their durability. Its entire construction is designed to last for a long time, from the switches to the neat braided cable with the gilded USB.

Red Switches SGK30


Size does not usually matter, but the SGK 30 is 430mm long and 144mm wide. Its height comes to 35mm which makes it extremely useful for those looking for something durable and compact in terms of space due to its easy to use size. Personally, the low keyboards are incredibly comfortable for me, so it was one more reason for me to like this particular monster.

The lights….;

Finally we arrive at the lights … the favorite part of most gamers. Yes it has lights. And they are also colorful. Specifically, it has adjustable RGB, which thanks to the software provides 18 presets. All this can be adjusted at the touch of a button. Apart from the colorful changes of the presets, it also supports the profiles that each player makes, accommodating fully to their own preference. Which I also personally appreciate on any keyboard as I am not a big fan of fast light changes.

It is also quite easy to operate as everything works with the macros mentioned above. Quick change in custom lighting presets, lighting speed, and selection from presets. Also fast change in brightness and direction of lighting.

Skiller SGK30


I can say that while I am used to lower keyboards, its overall design suited me very well. The easy-to-use software helped me set it up quickly (and above all easily) in the lighting that suits me. The simple macros got me used to this keyboard pretty quickly. Also Red Switches are a constant value on mechanical keyboards.

I would like to mention of course the two main things that I singled out. Initially, the price is too good for what it provides, making it automatically a Value for money option. On the subject of noise now, it’s something I’ve been looking for for a long time. A gaming keyboard that is made with noise reduction in mind. It is quite quiet, especially comparing it to everything else that makes noise in my house. A very good choice from a company that has become known for its value-first choices. I highly recommend it.


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