RODE Wireless ME review: Compact Wireless Microphone of pure magic

Wireless ME is one of the latest little diamonds from Rode. We’re talking about a lightweight set of microphones weighing in at only 32g, which has raised the level of audio recording at a good price. This set is particularly good if you are looking for an upgrade on your recording set, or just want to record a good interview. Its features along with the signature resiliency of every RODE product I have used are why I was so excited to review this set. Let’s see how this new pair of microphones raises the bar:

Wireless ME: How does it work?

Putting it simply: there’s a small microphone that attaches to your clothes and a receiver that is mounted on the camera. This validates the recording that the transmitter microphone is recording with the receiver which is the one in the camera. The distance between the 2 microphones can be up to 100 meters which is pretty good for longer distances even though it can sound a bit extreme for content creators or interviewers. These little magical thingies have high-quality built-in microphones so it is not just a transmitter and a receiver with a mic on them. After you are done, you can save your recording as a single waveform or 2 individual tracks. This helps if you want to keep just the main microphone, both of them, or simply streamline the video editing procedure.

Functionality is especially great for content creators who need a good pair of microphones and best of all, the wireless feature. It is really useful to not have cables around or worry about excess noises in outdoor spaces. The reason for this freedom is that the Wireless ME can be completely managed through the mobile app as all their features and options are in the Rode App. This is why you simply need your phone, the Wireless ME and you’re good to go for your daily content.

So what does it offer?

So far, the Wireless ME has exhibited a solid battery life of 7 hours which is inbuilt and, of course, rechargable. It could be better but it is more than enough to do lots of stuff within this time range. In the box, you will get two 3.5mm cables. One for the camera (TRS) and one for the Smartphone (TRRS). Another way is by the Type-C cables that you plug directly into your PC or phone. You will also find the two Windshields which, trust me, are extremely useful. They protect the diaphragm of your microphone from wind gusts that may ruin the recording. You can keep all those in the pouch that you get with the Wireless ME and can hold them safely for transportation and storage.

Talking about its important specifications, Wireless ME has omnidirectional polar patterns which means both microphones receive audio from all around them. This means that whoever is behind the camera, should be a bit careful in crowded areas. Especially as it is a condenser microphone which makes it extra sensitive. The quality of is the standard 24-bit to 48kHz which is the best you can find in most professional devices. Its frequency range is 20Hz – 20kHz which is exactly what you need from a good microphone as it captures the entire spectrum of human hearing. You will also find the 122dB SPL max limit useful as it will not get noise from loud sounds very easily, but I wouldn’t shout in the microphone anyway.

So how do I use it?

As mentioned above, the Wireless ME can be used by Rode’s App. We have seen similar uses from professional companies. An app is all you need to control your audio gear. In this case, Rode Central is what you use. This easy-to-use app is what will control and configure the Wireless ME and unfortunately, it is the only way to control your new mic combo as there are no buttons on the device except the On and Off switch. Through the app, you will be able to update the firmware that RODE is constantly keeping updated and use features for your recordings.

An extremely useful feature that was introduced by Rode with the launching of the Wireless ME is Intelligent Gain Assist. It is tremendously helpful to have an easy way to set up your level and, from amateurs to professionals, this is still a thing. This feature helps you have constant adjustable gain levels to achieve the best setting for your recording promising professional results. You can choose from 2 modes: Auto and Dynamic. The Dynamic mode is for a more controlled environment with fewer chances of uneven sound creating a more natural recording. The Auto on the other hand provides a smooth and consistent recording that can control audio with many ups and downs, an interview as an example again.

Tip: Don’t forget that this is about the microphone. If you use a camera, don’t forget to adjust the level on the camera as well.

Wireless ME

Wireless ME: Verdict

Wireless ME is a really good microphone + receiver combo with on-point technology to help any content creator step their audio game up. It’s lightweight and extremely easy to use and can easily level up anyone’s setup. It also provides professional standards which is great to have. I would have liked a bit more inbuilt controls or a screen to check battery levels. Mostly to not be constantly counting on the smartphone connection to see what is going on, however even with this, the recordings I tested sounded amazing and using it was super convenient as I could choose between using both microphones or just one of them. I highly recommend this set to anyone looking for freedom of recording with easy methods on really high quality.

At the moment the Wireless ME is somewhere around 150€ which is a fair price for what it provides.

We would like to thank RODE for the review unit which made our recordings easier

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