Spring 2024 anime: new Demon Slayer arc

Spring 2024 Anime releases: Isekai fever

The roster for the upcoming Spring 2024 Anime season fits the vibe that’s usually associated with the season. The amount of isekai and romance anime is vast and is sure to cure you of your winter depression. And if that’s not enough to lure you out of hibernation, maybe the next Demon Slayer Arc will! As is the habit at BWeeb, this article is just a hand-picked selection of the anime for the upcoming season, but you can go to Anichart or LiveChart for full lists and air times. Every synopsis only covers the first season to accommodate viewers who could be new to the series in an effort to remain spoiler free.

Spring 2024 anime releases – Week 14 (01/04-07/04)

Gods’ Games We Play

Release date: 01/04/2024
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Ecchi

Based on a light novel series with a manga adaptation. The gods grew bored and created a battle of wits, “play of the gods”. Only people who have received a special power, known as Apostles, are allowed to compete in this play of the gods. The incentive? Their wish will be granted, if they can be victorious ten times. Though no one has achieved it yet. Fay, a human with a 3 victory streak, has been nominated by the goddess Leoleshea to battle against her.

Gods Games We Play

Spice and Wolf: merchant meets the wise wolf

Release date: 02/04/2024
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Romance

Spice and Wolf: merchant meets the wise wolf

Based on a light novel series with a manga adaptation and anime adaptation, spin-offs and visual novels. The story follows the traveling merchant Kraft Lawrence in a typical fantasy world. One night he meets the 600-year-old wolf deity Holo, who takes on the form of a teenage girl. She is a goddess of harvest, blessing the crops of the town she lives in. But lately the townsfolk have been applying new methods to secure good harvests. Wanting to travel back to her homeland now, Holo strikes a deal with Lawrence so she can become his travel companion. Thanks to Holo’s wisdom the merchant is making bigger profits, but now they attract unwanted attention from the Church.

I Was Reincarnated as the 7th Prince So I Can Take My Time Perfecting My Magical Ability

Release date: 02/04/2024
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Slice of Life – Isekai

Based on a light novel series with a manga adaptation. A pretty normal sorcerer has met his end in a duel and reincarnates as Llyod, the seventh prince of the Kingdom of Saloum. This new life offers him the opportunity to learn magic again, but with the knowledge from his previous life and the benefits of his new one.

I Was Reincarnated as the 7th Prince So I Can Take My Time Perfecting My Magical Ability

Bartender: Glass of God

Release date: 04/04/2024
Genre: Drama, Slice of Life

2024 Spring Anime: Bartender

Based on a manga series with several spin-offs. The story focuses on Ryū Sasakura, a genius bartender who uses his talents to ease the worries and soothe the souls of troubled customers.

Yuru Camp (Season 3)

Release date: 04/04/2024
Genre: Slice of Life, Comedy

Yuru Camp, alternatively known as Laid-Back Camp, is based on a manga series with live action and video game adaptations. The protagonist Rin Shima enjoys going on solo camping trips, until Nadeshiko Kagamihara invites her to their high school’s camping club. Together with other classmates they start travelling around Japan, just enjoying camping. It’s textbook wholesomeness.

Yuru Camp season 3

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime (Season 3)

Release date: 05/04/2024
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Comedy – Isekai

Season 3 of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime - Spring 2024 Anime

Based on a light novel series, with a manga adaptation and several spin-offs. The protagonist Satoru Mikami is a run of the mill salaryman. But as he gets stabbed one day, his life changes as he reincarnates as a slime in a fantastical world. He gains new skills, notably one that allows him to devour anything and copy its appearance and skills. He befriends Veldora, a powerful but imprisoned Storm Dragon. Using his ability, he’s able to break the seal and free Veldora, who names him Rimuru. Together they found the nation of Tempest. With their wit and power they quickly draw a lot of attention; attracting both allies and enemies alike.

The Irregular at Magic High School (Season 3)

Release date: 05/04/2024
Genre: Action, Sci-Fi, Romance

Based on a web and light novel series with manga and anime adaptations. The story takes place in the 2090s in a world where technology has polished magic, but being able to actually use magic is a genetic trait. We follow siblings Tatsuya and Miyuki from the Yotsuba clan. They enroll in a high school for magic users, which divides its students based on their abilities. While Miyuki is one of the best students, Tatsuya needs to rely on his technical knowledge and combat skills. People view him as an irregular to the school’s rankings because of his magical inaptitude.

Season 3 The Irregular at Magic High School

An Archdemon’s Dilemma: How to Love Your Elf Bride

Release date: 05/04/2024
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Action

Spring 2024 Anime: An Archdemon's Dilemma: How to Love Your Elf Bride

Based on a light novel series with a manga adaptation. Archdemon Zagan falls in love with the elven slave Nephy during an auction. Naturally he spends all his money to buy her. They start living together at Zagan’s castle, where they try to live a peaceful and happy life together. But they also have to face powerful enemies.

As a Reincarnated Aristocrat, I’ll Use My Appraisal Skill to Rise in the World

Release date: 07/04/2024
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy – Isekai

Based on a light novel series with a manga adaptation. Ars Louvent used to be a Japanese salaryman, but got reincarnated in a different world where he is the heir of a noble family. He discovers that comes with some new skills, such as being able to appraise other people’s talents. He’s able to identify who excels in certain domains, and convinces them to become his servants or allies. This will prepare him for a war for the succession of the throne.

As a Reincarnated Aristocrat, I'll Use My Appraisal Skill to Rise in the World

The Fable

Release date: 07/04/2024
Genre: Drama, Action

The Fable

Based on a manga series with a live action film adaptation. Fable is an infamous hitman, feared by many in the Japanese underworld. But one day his sponsor orders him to lead an ordinary life: no more killing for an entire year. And that while living in a yakuza hideout. This may be his hardest mission yet.

Spring 2024 anime releases – Week 15 (08/04-14/04)

Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation (Season 2 Part 2)

Release date: 08/04/2024
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Ecchi – Isekai

Based on a light novel with a manga adaptation. Protagonist Rudeus Greyrat is a 34 year old NEET, who gets evicted after his parents’ death. Having even skipped the funeral, his life is truly pointless. However, he attempts to do something meaningful as he intercepts a truck heading towards a group of teenagers and pulls them out of the way. Giving his own life in the process, he reincarnates in a fantastical world. His memories are still intact though. Determined not to waste this new life as well, he sets off on “the adventure of a second lifetime”.

Spring 2024 Anime: Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation (Season 2 Part 2)

Chillin’ in Another World with Level 2 Super Cheat Powers

Release Date: 09/04/2024
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Slice of Life – Isekai

Spring 2024 Anime release: Chillin' in Another World with Level 2 Super Cheat Powers

Based on a light novel series with a manga adaptation. The story follows Banaza, who’s summoned to the world of Klyrode as a possible hero. His skills are however inadequate, leading to his banishment to the forest. He slays a slime, which causes him to level up and gain infinite stats. With the new skill he decides to disguise himself as Flio, aiming to stay out of the conflict between humans and demons.

Welcome Home (Tadaima, Okaeri)

Release date: 09/04/2024
Genre: Slice of Life, Yaoi

Based on a manga series, this story focuses on the couple Masaki and Hiromu, and their son Hikari. Masaki is a stay-at-home dad and struggles with the feelings of being a burden to his husband. They’ve now moved to an area that’s better suited to raise their son, leaving people behind to pursue their own happiness. But when some of these people start to return, they aren’t sure they have good intentions.

Welcome Home, Spring 2024 anime release

KONOSUBA – God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World! (Season 3)

Release date: 10/04/2024
Genre: Fantasy, Comedy – Isekai

KONOSUBA - God's Blessing on This Wonderful World! returns for Spring 2024 Anime

Originally a web novel, its light novel adaptation served as a basis for the manga, video games and anime. Protagonist Kazuma Sato, your typical NEET, meets an untimely and embarrassing death. Luckily, the goddess Aqua offers to reincarnate him in a MMORPG world, where he can adventure. They form a party and recruit other members, since Aqua cannot return to the afterlife until the Devil King is defeated. Their party is completely dysfunctional though, causing Kazuma to give up on his adventures, preferring to live a comfortable life instead. But that’s not taking into account the Devil King’s generals.

Date a Live (Season 5)

Release date: 10/04/2024
Genre: Comedy, Sci-Fi, Ecchi

Originally a light novel series, with a manga and anime adaptation and several video games. Spatial quakes have devastated Eurasia, resulting in millions of casualties. Shido Itsuka, a seemingly ordinary high school student, encounters a mysterious girl at one of these quakes. She is one of the “Spirits” from different dimensions. Shido possesses the ability to seal a Spirit’s power and thus making them harmless towards humanity. The Spirit only has to fall in love with him and kiss him. Now to seal many more Spirit’s powers…

Date a live V characters

Mysterious Disappearances 

Release date: 10/04/2024
Genre: Supernatural, Mystery, Romance

Mysteries, Maidens and Mysterious Disappearances

Based on a manga series, which is also known under the name Mysteries, Maidens and Mysterious Disappearances. Ogawa Sumireko wants to become a proper novelist. She decides to team up with her co-worker Adashino Ren to look into the strange occurrences that have been popping up around the city. She doesn’t know however that Ren is also full of mysteries.

Oblivion Battery

Release date: 04/04/2024
Genre: Sports

Based on a manga series. This baseball story follows Haruka Kyomine, a pitcher, and Kei Kaname, a catcher. They are considered to be an unrivaled battery duo when it comes to middle school baseball. Having been scouted by various high schools, they still ended up at the same one. One that wasn’t even known for its baseball team at all. Turns out other star players, who had previously lost to the famous duo, also enrolled at the same school.

This season's sports anime to watch: Oblivion Battery

The Misfit of Demon King Academy (Season 2 Part 2)

Release date: 12/04/2024
Genre: Fantasy, Action

The Misfit of Demon King Academy

This anime with an absurdly long title is based on a light novel series with a manga adaptation. Demon king Anos Voldigoad made a deal with the human Kanon; he sacrifices his own life in exchange for peace, ending a 2000 years long war. After another 2000 years Anon reincarnates. Royal demons rule over lower class hybrids and magic itself has started to decline, because his descendants grow weaker due to his peace. In order to reclaim his former title, he must first graduate from Demon King Academy.

Black Butler: Public School Arc (Season 4)

Release date: 13/04/2024
Genre: Dark Fantasy

Based on a best-selling manga series with an anime adaptation that started in 2008. The story takes place in Victorian London, where we follow the 12-year-old Ciel, earl of Phantomhive. He serves as the Queen’s watchdog, tasked with solving crimes in the underworld. Ciel is in contract with the demon Sebastian Michaeilis, disguised as a butler. Ciel seeks revenge on those who tortured and murdered his parents, offering up his soul to the demon in return for his assistance.

Black Butler returns for the Spring 2024 anime release schedule

Kaiju No. 8 (Monster #8)

Release date: 14/04/2024
Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

Kaiju No. 8 (Monster #8)

Based on a manga series. In a world where monsters called Kaiju attack humans regularly, an Anti-Kaiju Defense Force naturally needed to be established. Kaiju that are particularly strong or have abnormal characteristics are given a number to identify them. The defense force uses armor and weapons made from kaiju, the latter given the same Number as the kaiju they’ve been made from. The story follows Kafka and Mina who vowed to join the force after their town was destroyed, but only Mina passed the exams. One day a kaiju enters Kafka’s body, giving him the ability to turn into a kaiju himself. In kaiju-form the force has named him Kaiju No.8, but he decides to keep this a secret and apply for the force again.

Whisper Me a Love Song

Release date: 14/04/2024
Genre: Romance, Music, Yuri

Based on a manga series. On the first day of high school Himari Kino attends the welcome party for new students, where Yori Asanagi sings with her band for the new students. Himari expresses her admiration towards Yori, impressed by her music. Yori however misinterpreted the admiration for a confession. Yori winds up falling from Himari either way, and wants to earn her actual affection.

Whisper Me A Love Song, Yuri

Spring 2024 anime releases – Week 16 (15/04-21/04)

Blue Lock: EPISODE Nagi

Release date: 19/04/2024
Genre: Sports

Blue Lock episode Nagi, a movie about Nagi

A movie centered around Nagi Seishirou before he enters Blue Lock.
(See our previous article for an introduction to Blue Lock)

Spring 2024 Anime releases – Week 18 (29/04-05/05)

My Hero Academia (Season 7)

Release date: 04/05/2024
Genre: Action, Comedy

In a world where most of the humans have gained superpowers (called “Quirks”) we follow Izuku Midoriya. Despite not having a Quirk, he dreams of becoming a Hero. After meeting his idol All Might, he passes his Quirk onto Izuku. Determined to become a hero he attends a prestigious high school for heroes in training. 

My Hero Academia season 7 for Spring 2024 Anime

Spring 2024 anime releases – Week 19 (06/05-12/05)

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Hashira Training Arc

Release date: 12/05/2024
Genre: Action, Adventure, Supernatural

The first episode will again be aired in cinemas before the official release of the season.

Demon Slayer: Hashira training Arc visual

Based on a manga series. Tanjiro Kamado, a responsible teenager with a strong sense of smell and rock hard head, trains to become a demon slayer after his family gets slaughtered by a demon. Only his younger sister Nezuko survives, but has been turned into a demon herself. Convinced he can find a way to turn her back into a human, he trains hard to join the Demon Slayer Corps. He hopes to find the answers he is looking for while carrying out missions and taking out demons.

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