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Cyberpunk 2077: Patch 1.2 and the many changes it brings

While CDPR has already implemented several patches which were obviously necessary, here comes Patch 1.2 in which apparently the changes are in the hundreds. Having announced that the game will be back on consoles and Stadia, there’s still no date is mentioned, but because of the new Patch, the public can hope that the game might be reinstated in online stores soon. The bullet points listed on the Cyberpunk webstie are an endless scroll, listing the most insignificant to the Ray Tracing support for AMD cards. We will mention the most important of them.

The most important part of the Patch: Gameplay

Perhaps the most important aspect of the game, having several issues that made Cyberpunk partly unplayable. Some of the changes listed below are incorporated into several bullet points that fix a wider game issue. Among the many changes and corrections the most important are the following:

  • General improvement of driving. One of the first problems that irritated several players, is solved by creating a slider in the settings that the player chooses the sensitivity of the steering wheel, as well as an improved game code that concerned this part. This change affects each vehicle differently, where the changes are also provided in the new adjustments
  • Fixes for objects that disappeared and reappeared in unsuspecting time. More specifically, disappearing police patrols, NPC characters, and items disappearing after their destruction… or even before…
  • Several fixes on NPCs and how they interact with each other. Some specific examples are when NPCs collided with each other too often creating an unstable environment or against SCAVs who would not notify others if they found a corpse.
  • Corrections in the map which in several cases the marker didn’t appear, also fixing the GPS which in several cases it created problems in the routes for missions, GIGs and quests.
V Displayed in Patch 1.2
V displayed

Patching the Quests

Quest bugs often disrupted the flow of the game, and ruined the story at least for those who played strictly for the sake of the plot. In this case, it is not necessary to refer specifically to which mission and for what reason the fix is implemented. We will, however refer to the nature of the problem and what is corrected:

  • The actions of NPCs in quest environment are corrected. There were many missions where some interactions affected the flow. An issue where some NPCs were repeating the same dialogue even if the story had progressed is fixed.
  • Both the items used by the player and the ones that provide information to him are now behaving as intended. In some cases, where the player destroyed one of them or was wrongly renewed in the game by blocking the development of the story. This is now being rectified.
  • Several mission conditions that did not work properly or were blocked by the player’s actions were also fixed. For example, some missions blocked themselves in cases where a specific time of day was needed to complete the quest, where the indication “Come in a few hours” was displayed, or in cases where the player was in a hurry to enter or leave a room.
  • In addition to the main story quests, the above issues are also fixed for the GIGs as well as for the other side quests.

Perhaps the only sure corrections as they are reference points that appear in history and do not arise through the open world.

Official Cyberpunk Artwork for Patch 1.2
Cyberpunk Net News

Open World – Environment and Graphics

Let’s be honest, the Open World aspect of Cyberpunk might have looked great, but it sure as hell didn’t feel like it. CDPR worked hard to correct many of the issues that took away from the immersive Opne World experience. Specifically:

  • Several fixes regarding dialogues and behaviors of individuals and their environments, such as missing dialogue or NPCs being stuck on world objects.
  • Several actions of the player are fixed in relation to the world that after some circumstances could or could not be done. For example, after some missions, an NPC that should not exist and talk to the player… existed and talked to the player.
  • Players no longer can fall through the map
  • Several issues with items that were missing from the character’s inventory or just being unusable have also been addressed.
  • Significant fixes on buildings, cars, NPCs, and objects hovering above the ground.
  • General problems with the camera, the sound, and the transitions from dialogue to gameplay are finally corrected.
Cyberpunk First Open world image
Open World


Lastly, many other important issues that have plagued Cyberpunk 2077 have also been corrected in this patch, bringing the feed of the game closer to what it was originally supposed to be.

  • Several issues have been fixed regarding that the UI in the main and pause menus which did not work properly or adequately
  • Corrections have been made to the transition Cinematics and the graphics, NPC,s and uniformity problems that appeared in several parts of the game.
  • Several problems regarding the general appearance of the game now work as intended and. This fix is about problems that do not concern the adequacy of the system but the structure of the game.
  • Increased balance in the wider flow of the game but also in its reliability in relation to the system.
  • More keybind slots have been added.
  • Several fixes that specifically related to the consoles such as the memory management of each console and its graphics. Exclusively for Play Station 4 and Xbox one.
  • An issue is solved regarding the Saved Game that either crashed the game, either the data was incorrect or the mission simply crashed.
Samurai talking to V
Samurai Moment

Obviously, this is a patch correcting many issues. Its efficiency must be tested however, since, in many instances, patches can have some nasty side effects. Of course, in this case it seems that good work has been done despite what has happened to the company last month (the big hack), so it would be positive if the community still keeps hope.

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