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Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance release – Day One Xbox Game Pass

Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance release is on the twenty second of June and will be released on Xbox Game Pass Day One! Furthermore Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance releases on Xbox one, Xbox Series X|S, Windows 10 PC and Xbox Cloud Gaming (still in Beta). All aforementioned platforms are included in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Day one releases are a huge deal for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and increase the value of the package a lot more. Game Pass Ultimate is still one of the best deals you can get in gaming right now. Save a ton of money and never have a dull gaming moment again.

Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance release features

Dark Alliance is a co-op action RPG set in the universe of Dungeons & Dragons. So fans will be able to play with one of four characters in their favorite universe. Wulfgar, Drizzt, Bruenor and Wulfgar fight through the unforgiving hellscape of Icewind Dale. Taking on iconic monsters from the Dungeons & Dragons universe while collecting loot.

Also you can play Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance solo or with up to four people. The emphasis of Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance lies on the co-op experience so I wonder if it will be any fun solo. There’s no need to worry, Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance releases with cross play between PC and Xbox. So you will surely find some other adventurers for your quest.

The story?

Tales tell that whoever wields the powerful crystal Crenshinibon possesses immense power. And your party is naturally looking to get their hands on it. Between your party and Crenshinibon lies an unyielding legion of monsters out for the prize themselves.

Not only will Dungeons & Dragons have four playable characters, but with over 50 different moves and abilities, team attacks, and different tactics to overcome frost giants, dragons and many more. Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance is a third-person action brawler: easy to pick up but hard to master.

Additional information

The developers are streaming every Friday at 12 p.m. PT (3 p.m. ET/ 7 p.m. UTC) on Twitch and Youtube.
Get the game here through the Microsoft store.
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