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Fashion Dreamer Review: The Perfect Dress-Up Game for Fashion Lovers of All Ages

Not for you if:

  • You want a more solid structure in a game
  • You don’t enjoy trying new outfits
  • You aren’t a big fashion fan to begin with

Many of us grew up playing with Barbie dolls and hoarding hundreds of tiny little clothes and somehow always losing one of the two shoes in every pair. Fashion Dreamer is one of the games where fashion is the primary focus. If you are looking for a relaxing and very straightforward game, Fashion Dreamer will be the perfect choice for you.

If you’re looking for an interesting plot or something more complex, Fashion Dreamer does not deliver that. Instead, the main point of the game is to let you find your own creative freedom and style and explore that through creating and styling different clothes.


Fashion Dreamer is a relaxing game where the sole focus is making the perfect outfits. The open map concept allows for flexibility when moving from one area to the other and dressing up different NPCs. This allows you to focus on trying new clothing styles, experimenting with different clothing options and creating your own clothes, without the burden of strict missions or confusing instructions. All in all, it is a fun game for all ages and will challenge you to push your fashion sense and personal style in a fun and creative way!

Creating Your Own Muse

When it comes to the character creation options, so many different ones are available that truly help you make the character your own. First and foremost, the characters in the game are called Muses, and you can choose their body type, skin colour as well as hairstyle, and hair colour.

In addition, you can customise your eyes, lips, and eyebrows, and there are many options for special accents on your face like moles and even wrinkles! After you have completed your character with all the right customizations in Fashion Dreamer, you can then choose your personal fashion style, favourite colour, print, and of course your own name.

Finding Your Way Around the Map

Fashion Dreamer is open-world, and allows you to freely move to all the different areas of the map while you progressively unlock new mini-games and challenges.  The map is not too large but it fits in enough different areas for you to explore and it won’t take you long before you have memorized where each path leads.

There are specific areas where you can shop for new clothes, play mini-games, and build your own Atelier. For me, the fact that the map is rather restricted allows you to focus on the main goal of the game, which is creating as many unique style combinations as possible and not wasting your time exploring huge areas on the map.

Dressing Up Characters Around the Map

As you move from area to area in Fashion Dreamer, you will come across many different characters with different styles. When you meet someone on the street, you can choose to copy their outfit or even style them how you see fit. Each character will have a certain idea in mind of how they would like you to style them, and if you touch on this request, you will be awarded with more points.

When it comes to styling these NPCs in Fashion Dreamer, you won’t get to learn much about their background, as this is not important in the game. Instead, you will be presented with some items from their closet as well as your own collection, and you will be able to make the right combinations per your own style and fashion sense.

You will have the opportunity to dress up the same characters and the more points you score with them, the more challenges they will present you with. For example, they might have a specific piece of clothing that you will not be able to remove and have to style around it. Fashion Dreamer adds these little challenges as a fun and interactive way to challenge your fashion skills and it is quite fun!

Becoming Popular and Building Your Brand

One of the most important things in the game is to grow your online following by styling more and more people you come across on the street. The more popular you become, the more items you will be able to unlock and this allows you to build your collection and personalize your style even more.

All you have to do is interact with the NPCs on the street and style them to your heart’s content. The pictures you gather from their outfits are your tickets to success.

Mini-games and Shopping for New Items

I was really surprised to see the mini-games around the map in Fashion Dreamer, but they are actually quite fun to play. My favourite one is Bingo with the cute little animal characters, which rewards you with E-Points when you win.

Along with Bingo, you can also come across a couple of stores that sell new and fun clothing items for you to buy. You will come across different styles and clothes that can fit many different fashion styles. My advice is to experiment with different options, even if something looks like it might be outside your personal style. Fashion Dreamer will give you the opportunity to style clothes in a way you might not have expected!

Creating Your Own Clothes and Building Your Showroom

Another fun option in Fashion Dreamer is creating your own clothes with any type of patterns and materials you like. As you level up, you unlock more clothing patterns as well as colours and designs. You will be able to customize your own items as you go and put your own personal touch on them.

You can also build your own Showroom and customize the space however you like.  From the furniture to the wallpaper, the space will be your own and you will be able to put your very own clothes on display for the world to enjoy!

Conclusion – A Fun Fashion Game for Fashion Lovers of All Ages

No matter your age, Fashion Dreamer is a fun, relaxing, and cosy game that allows you to express your personal fashion style and experiment with different clothes. The fact that there are no specific missions or a timeframe for you to beat the game makes it much more enjoyable and allows you to truly enjoy the whole purpose of the game. Make sure you give it a try and challenge yourself to create an outfit you would not have chosen for your own closet!

Big thanks to CD Media for providing us with a review copy of Fashion Dreamer!

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