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SCUF Reflex Pro Review – From 0 to Hero

Before we talk about the SCUF Reflex Pro, let’s take a look at what SCUF is and what they do. SCUF was founded in 2011 with one goal: to help players reach their full potential. Several times, classic controllers limit users, especially those who are passionate about FPS games. For this reason, SCUF designed custom controllers for PC, PS4, and PS5, as well as Xbox.

They were the first to bring the back paddles to controllers and work with Sony as well as Microsoft. For this reason, their controllers are among the first officially licensed and considered original products. Of course, all their products can be 100% customized. From the color to the material and the buttons! We have our hands on the SCUF Reflex Pro, which is the PS5 version.

In December 2019, Corsair, seeing the quality of SCUF’s products, wanted to include them in their peripheral family. Together with Corsair, Elgato, Drop, and Origin PCs, where innovation and quality are the main features, they ensure that modern gamers have everything they need in terms of equipment. What SCUF stands for is that they don’t just create high-quality gear but products that will make you better and bring you more wins. Was this achieved with me?


Unboxing the beautiful Reflex Pro box, we find the following inside:

  • A high-quality carrying case
  • Our custom SCUF Reflex Pro
  • A USB to Type C cable to charge it
  • Four thumbsticks of different height and surface
  • The manuals for SCUF Reflex Pro
SCUF Reflex Pro

How to Build Your Own SCUF Reflex Pro

As I mentioned, each controller SCUF Reflex Pro is 100% customizable to suit the tastes and needs of each player. It is very easy to create your own SCUF. All you have to do is go to their online store and start adjusting everything. You can, of course, choose any model you want, but I will show you exactly how I made our SCUF Reflex Pro. I will put all the steps on each of his slides.

  1. First, we need to select BUILD YOUR OWN.
  2. This will take us to the builder’s home page. The first thing we have to choose is the color of the faceplate. We can choose between new designs, 12 colors, or 26 designer designs. I chose Respawn for its bright colors, and I wanted something unique and not just a controller in another color.
  3. Then we choose the color of the lower front part of the controller or otherwise faceplate trim. We have a choice of 9 colors, and I chose white.
  4. Then we choose the shape and color of the thumbsticks for our SCUF Reflex Pro. I left the left shape as it was with the “hollow,” but I chose the right one with the small “dome.” You can also choose their height if you want it to be lower or higher. For color, I chose gray for both.
  5. In the left and right ring options, we have 9 colors to choose from, the color of the ring at the base of the thumbsticks. I chose pink to match the theme of the faceplate.
  6. In the bumper/trigger type, we have two options. Standard, which are the classic triggers as they come in PlayStation DualSense or Instant. If you choose instant, then the triggers will activate with a light press and not until you press them completely. Like the click of a mouse. Giving the user the ability to have the fastest possible reaction.
  7. In the bumpers, we choose the color from the L1 and R1 buttons for the SCUF Reflex Pro. Out of the seven options, I chose gray.
  8. On the triggers, which are L2 and R2, I chose white to contrast with the gray ones.
  9. I also made my SCUF Reflex Pro D-Pad gray like the thumbsticks.
  10. And I did the same with the button kit. That is △, O, X, and ▢.
  11. I chose the create/options to be white to make a little contrast.
  12. I did the same with the home button.
  13. For the back of the controller, I chose the gray one with a grip that is a textured rubber like the one on the SCUF Reflex Pro.
  14. The last option, and the most unfamiliar to me, is whether you want to keep the rumbles or remove them from the SCUF Reflex Pro. After a little research, many of the pro players remove the vibration mechanisms because the vibrations can be distracting. Of course, this also makes the controller lighter and, therefore, more comfortable. I kept them because the PS5 vibrations are among the best and most synchronized on the market.

As shown in each image, some of the options cost more than the standard options. With the changes I made to my controller, the SCUF Reflex Pro price reached €369.87.


First, let me say that even the SCUF Reflex Pro box is beautiful. Its color is matte black with some shiny details, and the SCUF logo, in orange color. I especially loved that the corner of the box says “Wins Not Included,” and it makes sense not to expect to become the best of the best just by changing your controller, but it’s a good start.

Along with the controller, SCUF has taken care of its protection, and for this reason, inside the box, there is a hard protective case with the company’s logo.

We saw what our controller looks like through the SCUF build page. Now let’s look at the SCUF Reflex Pro we received. I won’t go into too much detail about the design of the controller since the photos speak for themselves.

All I will say is that the feel of the controller as soon as you get it in your hands is of high-quality solid materials. The grip is also at a very good level, thanks to my choice of textured back. After long hours of intense gaming, hands may start to sweat. The problem with the DualSense is the glossy surface on the back, which can make it slippery, something that will certainly never happen with the SCUF Reflex Pro.


The SCUF Reflex Pro is actually a DualSense on steroids. It has kept all the good features of a DualSense and has added new features to improve the experience of each game, both for pro players and for casual everyday players. For this reason, if you want to upgrade your Reflex to the latest software, all you have to do is connect the Type C cable on your PS5 and upgrade through its menu as you would with a normal DualSense.

The Paddles

The paddles are the four buttons on the back of the Reflex Pro, or the P1, P2, P3, and P4 buttons, which are reminiscent of SCUF Instinct paddles, although I think that in the Reflex Pro, a better job has been done in their placement and design. You can map these four keys on the fly by simply pressing the key in the center of the back, which has the icon of a little person.

This way, you can change the profile. You can change up to three profiles by pressing the button, and it will change color. Purple, red, and green are the colors of each profile. If you hold it longer, the icon will start flashing, and then you can assign other keys to the paddles function.

I understand that the toggle button is there for convenience and to do everything directly from the controller, but on the other hand, if there was software where you could “tweak” everything, it would make it an even more powerful tool in your hands.

The paddles do not disturb the use of the controller and do not affect its comfort. Therefore, if you find the DualSense comfortable to use, then nothing will change with the Reflex Pro. At least not for the worse. Your fingers rest perfectly between the paddles, and they are ergonomically positioned in such a way that you can press them without much effort.

If, for any reason, you want to remove the paddles from the SCUF Reflex Pro, you have to press down and then pull them out.

The Thumbsticks

The thumbsticks can be replaced with different heights and designs depending on the needs of each game. Our Reflex Pro came with a total of four extra thumbsticks. Two high and two short. But all four have the shape of a dome and not a hollow.

Changing the thumbsticks is very simple. All you have to do, as shown in the photos below, is to lift the white part of the faceplate from the bottom up and you have full access to the two thumbsticks. Then, you pull the thumbstick you want to replace upwards with a little force but at the same time carefully and put the new one in its place. That’s it!

The Triggers

The triggers (L2 and R2) can be, as I mentioned above, standard or instant. Instant triggers work just like a mouse click. As soon as you press it, the gun will fire without even having to press the trigger all the way. This short movement is ideal for your favorite FPS games to take advantage of even one millisecond from the moment you touch the trigger.

I chose the classic triggers because I don’t only play FPS games, and for example, in racing games like Gran Turismo, you can’t have a little bit of accelerating or a little bit of braking. Once you press the instant trigger there, you go full throttle or full brake.

The Battery

Although the Reflex Pro offers many extra features, they do not affect battery life. So, like a DualSense, the Reflex Pro can last up to 12 hours on just one charge.

To charge the controller, we can use the cable that comes with it or even the PS5™ DualSense™ Charging Station on which the Reflex Pro can “sit” with no issues. A pleasant surprise that I did not expect.

Even the charging cable is fancy!

A small detail that makes the difference is that if you press the home button on the SCUF Reflex Pro, you can activate the PlayStation 5, which is not very common in third-party controllers. Therefore, you don’t even have to get up from the sofa.

Finally, Reflex Pro not only works with PS5 but is also compatible with Windows, macOS, and iOS devices, since it has full Bluetooth support. Weighing only 300 grams, you can carry it with you and enjoy next-level gaming on your laptop or tablet.


The SCUF Reflex Pro was released before the PlayStation DualSense Edge came out. This means that back then, there was no major competitor. Right now, there are third-party controllers as well as the DualSense Edge. Is it a better controller? It is definitely more customizable with more features. It’s also the only thing you can bring exactly to your taste. And in the functions but even in its appearance.

This particular product can be used by anyone but its main audience is competitive-level players who will put every extra button to use. For example, I used them in FPS games to tag enemies on map without having to move my fingers from the thumbsticks. Although, for the past few days, I’ve been using it to play Helldivers 2.

My new friend in FPS games and for democracy!

If you want to get a one-of-a-kind controller, you can start building yours from €219.99 in the SCUF store, and as you saw in our case, every change costs money.

At this point, we would like to thank SCUF for providing us with the review unit for this article.

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