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Steelseries Prime+: The mouse I never knew I wanted.

The Steelseries Prime+ is the latest addition to Steelseries new line of computer mice. It’s goal is to become the new best esports mouse the world has ever seen.
If you are looking to play some competitive fps games like Siege or Counterstrike, the Steelseries Prime+ has everything covered.

Sometimes less is more

Steelseries is serious when it comes to the environmental impact of packaging. So just like the Rival 5, the Steelseries Prime+ comes with minimal packaging and plastic. I just loved opening the box without having to take two trips to the bins to recycle all that waste.

A close shot of the light fiberweace cable.

The detachable cable on the mouse is also part of that mindset. Mouse cables can break or tear, not this one though, and when it does you need a whole new mouse. If your cable gets damaged you can just replace the cable instead of buying a whole new mouse.

Minimalist packaging done right. Well played GG Steelseries.

Steelseries Prime+ Design

Unlike the Rival 5, the Steelseries Prime+ is a lot less flashy. The only RGB you will find is on the scroll wheel. Unlike any other mice though, the Steelseries Prime+ does feature an Oled screen at the bottom of the mouse, more about this below.

The size of the Steelseries Prime+ is between medium and small. If you have big hands this mouse will disappear in the shadow of your palm.

The Steelseries Prime+ showcased in a hand.

Coming in at 71gr the Steelseries Prime+ is ultra light and glides over your desk with minimal effort. Done are my days of using heavy mice for gaming. The ultra-light weight is a blessing for your wrist and arm.


You know that feeling of typing on a mechanical keyboard? Feels good right. Someone at Steelseries probably thought “I want that for mice as well”. And they did just that, the clicks on the Steelseries Prime+ are so crisp and satisfying and are rated for up to 100 million clicks. They feel hefty and have this low but mechanical click in them, I love it. 

In total you have 5 programmable buttons across the mouse. Two side buttons, left and right mouse button and a clickable scroll wheel. Not ideal for MMOs but that is what the Rival 5 is aiming for. Ideal for first-person shooters, like I said earlier: sometimes less is more.

Oled Controls

The Oled controls are what Steelseries refers to when talking about the Oled screen on the bottom of the Prime+. All the settings are fully on-board, whenever you switch PC or have to go play on a tournament PC you take your mouse settings with you.

The bottom of the Steelseries Prime+ with the Oled controls and screen.

The Oled screen and button on the bottom allow you to tweak those settings on the fly. Changing your CPI levels, removing pre-set CPI levels or adding a new one that feels better. You have access to your polling and lift off distance settings all from that one screen.

At first I thought it was a ridiculous feature to have a screen on the bottom of your mouse. But using it, playing around with the Steelseries Engine. Also realising how much time I save when switching PC’s, I’ve grown quite fond of it. The display can show your CPI levels, status or an image you created in the Steelseries Engine. Even better, you can import an image and display that one. With a little tweaking to improve it yourself of course.

The Oled controls with the BG BGeek logo. Inserted through the Steelseries Engine.

Steelseries Prime+ Functionality


As mentioned earlier, the size is rather small to what I’m used to and will surely feel small for people with big hands. Personally I’ve played with a twelve button MMO mouse the last 3 years so anything will feel small.

The big plus is the weight, because it’s so light I could feel the stress on my wrist and elbow vanish. Stress I never knew I had up until I started using this lightweight. Flicks and aiming is a luxury now. On top of that it’s a lot easier to get precision shots in.

The pads on the bottom of the Steelseries Prime+ glide over my mouse mat like an Olympic ice skater. They do pick up some impurities, especially some cat hairs and dust. Be sure to clean them once and a while.


What’s on the inside counts. This is true for hardware and people alike. The Steelseries Prime+ has the TrueMove Pro+ sensor system. A sensitivity up to 18.000 CPI, maximum speed of 450IPS and a maximum acceleration of 50G.
On top of that a Lift-off distance sensor that you can calibrate between .5mm and 2mm so you can eliminate unwanted tracking. Customizable to your own liking and personal play-style of course.

The Steelseries Engine and it's options for the Steelseries Prime+.
Steelseries Engine Interface

Conclusion for the Steelseries Prime+

This sturdy but lightweight beast of a mouse is nothing short of a professional gaming mouse. Steelseries knocked it out of the park with the Steelseries Prime+. Keeping it simple and minimalist while adding features we never knew we needed.

You can get it here: Steelseries Prime+ official website for €89,99.
If you are looking for a more well rounded mouse that is a steal for its price, check out our Steelseries Rival 5 review.

And thank you Steelseries Greece for the review unit and the opportunity to test the wonderful Steelseries Prime+.

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