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BioShock Infinite is a twisted fairy tale

Last time in The Vault, we played Prey and drew parallels between Arkane’s hidden gem and Irrational Games’ iconic BioShock. Having talked so much about the original BioShock, I missed the incredible world-building, the stunning scenery, and the top-tier narrative of the BioShock series. And that’s how I decided to give BioShock Infinite a go. […]

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How to save on Game Pass Ultimate

Game Pass Ultimate is an amazing service to have. Especially when you own a console and Win10 PC. Read on to learn how you can save on Game Pass Ultimate and enjoy all the games for a little less money.Check out the March drops for Game Pass to see what I mean. New Game Pass […]

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Assassin’s Creed II Revisited: 12 years later

A deep dive into the past: today we’re putting our Assassin’s Creed II discs back in the tray! Can a game enrapture someone that much that they find themselves -even a decade later- appreciating it like the old days? That’s the question! We’re talking about Assassin’s Creed II, that major Ubisoft title, that eventually brought […]

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